Mobility brands in danger of being left behind, says Group XP

Group XP’s “Future of Mobility Experience” explores how brands can thrive in the new mobility economy


WPP’s experience collective Group XP has turned its attention towards an industry on the brink of monumental change. Building on expertise from the collective’s four world-class branding agencies (Brand Union, FITCH, SET and SET Live), the study explores innovations in design, connectivity and service imperative to drive success for mobility brands.

“Driving is no longer about driving”, says Simon Bolton, CEO “It’s about the experience. At Group XP, we’re starting to uncover what this means for the fast-changing future of the industry. All mobility brands could learn more from these powerful insights to avoid fading relevance.”

The future-forecasting mobility report explores a number of cutting edge advancements through a unique experience lens.

  1. Technology such as Microsoft HoloLens could mark the downfall of dealers and the dealership model
  2. Brands will only survive if they are ‘Generous Brands’, allowing the design of their space to be beautifully co-created with smartly chosen partners such as IBM, Spotify and Google
  3. Geely’s Lynk & Co is just one of the brands challenging the existing car-ownership model


Download the full report here.

Other reports in this series include “The Future of Hospitality,” available for download here.

Group XP will continue to pioneer experience innovation later this year with the “Future of Tech” and the much anticipated 2017 “Experience Index”.


Raya Sadledein
Business Development Manager
Group XP

Nathaniel Pollard
Marketing and Brand Strategist


Group XP is a unique consulting model formed through the partnership between Brand Union, FITCH, SET and SET Live. They believe that great customer experience is the key driver of business growth.

Together, we are over 1000 strategic and creative thinkers located across 40 studios worldwide. By connecting diverse perspectives and skills in our network, we bring a holistic view of experience to create transformative interactions between brands and people.