Aardman Nathan Love Delivers Season’s Greetings for Sprout’s ‘Holidays Unwrapped’

Animation studio Aardman Nathan Love spreads their own unique, charming brand of holiday cheer with a stop-motion and digital-blended series of shorts for NBCUniversal cable network Sprout’s seasonal stunt, “Holidays Unwrapped.”

Co-directed by Aardman Nathan Love’s Native to Noise and Daniel Cohen, the ‘Holidays Unwrapped” package – featuring 22 unique deliverables in all – serves as both station identifications and a celebration of Sprout’s holiday programming with a set of familiar yet fun seasonal elements from snowmen to reindeer to gingerbread houses. “We wanted to create a charming holiday look and feel to the idents so we used stop-motion animation to bring real props to life,” explains Cohen, who also reveals that each clip merits a closer look. “If you watch carefully, each ident, however short, had a narrative, whether it be jumping gingerbread men or a happy Rudolph – the intention was pure family enjoyment.”

Completed in just a matter of weeks, the Sprout “Holidays Unwrapped” production represents a true collaboration, pairing Cohen’s stop-motion experience with the design and animation expertise of Native to Noise. “This was a great opportunity for us to showcase our diverse talents and work with one of our favorite clients,” says ECD Joe Burrascano. “Like the films,” Cohen adds, “it was a lovely experience, with happiness all around!”



Directors: N2N/Daniel Cohen
Director of Photography: Jan Reichle
Executive Producer: Jon O’Hara
Line Producer: Jesse Pliska
Props: Marco Cousins, Felicia Rein
Production Assistant: Lydia Folckomer

About Aardman Nathan Love:

With a vision to be the most inspirational animation studio in the world in the eyes of its talent, partners and audiences, Aardman Nathan Love creates original animated entertainment, based on strong characters in compelling stories, for the viewing public’s enjoyment. With a value system built on creative integrity, independence, open collaboration, excellence and humor, Aardman Nathan Love has created notable work for brands including Kellogg’s, Perdue, Movantik and UPS.