Brand New School, Carrot Creative Construct a Futuristic Saga for OnePlus

As the technology behind smartphones evolves, the phones themselves have become increasingly fundamental to the way we live our lives. The new 3T from OnePlus is a perfect example of this. Brand New School joined forces with the agency Carrot Creative on a cutting-edge campaign that shows how the innovative new phone is truly an extension of ourselves.

Using mindbending 3D animation, Brand New School director Jonathan Notaro helms a spot that highlights the power and myriad features of the 3T smartphone, which comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and 16 megapixel cameras on both its front and back. Deftly blending sleek and abstract imagery, Brand New School and Carrot craft a visually enthralling film that symbolizes the different elements of the 3T, connecting the usage of the ultramodern device to the human experience.

“The agency challenged us to represent the engineering parallels between man and machine.” said Notaro. “They afforded us the creative space to explore this notion through a visceral and abstract lens. The brand’s die-hard-tech-savvy following allowed us to take some risks, crafting a piece for the OnePlus 3T that cuts through the crowded landscape of product videos.”



Production Company: Brand New School
Director: Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
CG Supervisor: Russ Wootton
Technical Director: Dan Bradham
Flame Artist: Mark French
Compositing: Eric Concepcion, Manu Gaulot, Matthew Lane Smith, Paulo Dias, Philip Massimino
Lighting: Sarah Bocket, Stacie Plassche, Claire Chang, Mirelle Underwood, Sung Kim
Animation: Jeff Bryson, Olle Engstrom, Michael Wharton, Nick Dubois, Shandy Tam
Particles & Dynamics: Andy Guttormson, Rob Eckert
Modeling: Arnaldo Andujar, Junhawn Kwon
Design: Andres Rivera, Jeff Welk, Tom Buch, Angela Bac, Abby Chang
Editor: Eric Wais
Assistant Editor: Tyler Byrnes
Storyboard Artists: Will Rosado, Tung Hsieh
Head of Production: Julie Shevach
Producers: Chad Carbone, Johnna MacArthur
Agency: Carrot Creative
Creative Director: Tyler Pierce
Senior Art Director: Priyanka ​Pulijal
Senior Copywriter: China McGee
Producer: Philinese Kirkwood
Senior Account Director: Anne Flavin
Account Supervisor: Rachel London
Strategist: Mike Faley

About Brand New School:

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