Sibling Rivalry Signs on Acclaimed Director Gerald Ding

New York-based production studio Sibling Rivalry adds even more versatility to its directorial roster by signing Gerald Ding, whose work canvasses the spectrum from commercials and music videos to both short and long-form films. During his lengthy career behind the camera, Ding has helmed spots for top-tier brands such as Apple (“Loved”), Google (Android “Handshake”), Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Pepsi, McDonald’s, Samsung and Converse. He has also worked with musical artists including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vampire Weekend, Kid Cudi and the House of Marley, the last of which focuses on a Jamaican marching band and one the director considers a career highlight.


Ding’s diverse portfolio reflects the fluid way he approaches each project, whether it be for a spot, film or music video collaboration. From a creative perspective, he says, “In the back of my mind, I’m always looking at commercials as a way to make the film and music videos that I’ve always wanted to do. Sometimes an idea will really stick and I’ll find a home for it or see the connection even if it’s super-vague. It’s like mixing two unexpected flavors, which could potentially be amazing. While the approach is different, my inspirations come from the same place, personally.”

Raised on and inspired by sci-fi and anime, elements of which are instilled in much of his work, Ding most recently directed a campaign for Airbnb that stars K-Pop star/fashion maven G-Dragon and is set to make his long-form narrative debut this Fall via a TV series focused on Japanese artisanal sake breweries. Now at Sibling Rivalry, the filmmaker has found a kindred spirit in both taste and look as well as an ideal outlet as he expands into long-form. “I was really drawn to their design aesthetics,” Ding notes. “Their work is really artful and genuinely grounded in pop culture. I think we come from the same place in terms of humor, pop culture, film and design. I’m really drawn to strong, character-driven stories so I hope I can push that further at Sibling Rivalry and also develop longer-form narratives.”

According to Sibling Rivalry Partner/Executive Producer Maggie Meade, “My first reaction in meeting Gerald was, ‘This guys makes me feel so uncool, because he is so cool.’ Gerald’s work reflects a director who understands storytelling from a design point of view. I loved the fact that he wanted to delve into commercial work, but also longer-format and online content from the insight of a curated bespoke observer.”


About Sibling Rivalry:

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