SOCIETY Officially Welcomes Director/Cinematographer Justin Henning to Its Roster

Los Angeles-based production company SOCIETY has cemented its longstanding collaborative partnership with Justin Henning by officially signing the veteran cinematographer to its highly touted directorial roster.


“I have worked with SOCIETY as a cinematographer for many years now,” Henning says. “They were one of the first companies that believed in me as an artist. What has always attracted me to SOCIETY is the community and creativity that it fosters.”

A Seattle native, Henning has honed his visual storytelling craft for a variety of notable brands over the years including Audi, Nissan, Chevy, Nikon and Marriott, which are just a few campaigns that solidified his status as a DP and helped paved the way for his move into the director’s chair. “Justin’s been a go-to DP of ours for years,” SOCIETY Founder/Executive Producer Harry Calbom explains. “His personality earns him more repeat business than anyone I’ve ever met. When he expressed the desire to start directing, we were extremely interested and expect he’ll have great success at SOCIETY. Justin’s skills as a cinematographer are the obvious foundation of his beautiful work. But his natural gifts as a problem-solver and communicator are what will make him a standout director.”

Most recently, Henning directed the short film, La Lucha, a timely, intriguing documentary that touches on the hardships a two-time Olympic gold medal winning Cuban boxer has had to face for dedicating his life to the sport. All Cuban professional athletes face a dilemma… to defect from their country and leave their family to make millions of dollars, or stay Cuban and live in poverty. In this case, Mario, once “the greatest lightweight boxer in the world” gave up everything for love of his country.

As he now expands his output behind the camera at SOCIETY, Henning hopes to maintain a certain sense of fluidity when it comes to both directing and cinematography projects. “I have been a cinematographer for so long that I don’t think I will ever be able to fully separate directing and cinematography,” he adds. “They will always bleed into each other. I see this as a strength, not a weakness. As a cinematographer my goal is never to just make pretty images, it is always to make the director’s vision come to life and communicate a story in the most captivating way possible.”



SOCIETY is a media production company located in Los Angeles, California, specializing in branded content, music video, independent film and broadcast advertising.