The Sound Media Explores the Antiquated Life of a Modern-Day Couple in ‘The Victorians’

Whether you consider them pre-modern evangelists or just uber-hipsters, Gabriel and Sarah A. Chrisman’s tale of technological abandonment has garnered plenty of media attention. But what can their decidedly low-tech lifestyle teach viewers about living life in the mainstream?

To take a closer look at the couple, Ian Pierpoint, Founder/Chief Ideas Officer at exploration, strategy and innovation agency The Sound, traveled to the Chrismans’ homebase in Port Townsend, WA to film The Victorians, the debut documentary from The Sound Media, the agency’s recently launched content division. Providing a detailed look into this uniquely anti-consumer family, the film shows how and why the couple adheres to 1800’s English historical visages and practices with unflinching sincerity.

“There is a mainstream fascination with the past as we all look for authenticity and simplicity as an antidote to modern culture,” says Pierpoint. “Most people manage to achieve this through stepping off the grid for a weekend or through buying some vintage stuff. The Victorians, however, have decided to live their lives in a completely different century than everyone else.”

From utilizing kerosene lamps and commuting by way of high-wheel (or penny-farthing) bicycles, to fountain-penning books on Victorian etiquette and shunning electricity, the Chrismans’ story is put on full, vivid display, humanizing their way of life and contrasting it against the mainstream. By crafting a narrative with a compelling juxtaposition of past and present, the documentary offers a surreal glimpse into a pair who certainly relish life in the days of yore. “They’re definitely for real, and very aware of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it,” Pierpoint adds.

The Victorians debut marks the launch of FringeStream, the first of four content channels from The Sound Media that explores unique, fringe subcultures as an avenue for understanding the diverse tapestry of contemporary culture, while also providing unique insights for brands seeking deeper understanding of their markets. According to Pierpoint, “Our FringeStream channel is focused on exploring the increasingly influential and aspirational fringes of culture. Talking to people in the fringes is a powerful means of understanding the mainstream; on FringeStream, we’ll be revealing that if you want to understand the modern world, you need to talk to people who’ve consciously chosen to reject it.”

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