The Sound Launches Dedicated Content Division, Spotlights ‘Generation Edge’ and Subcultures

Globally-based exploration, strategy and innovation agency The Sound is expanding its content offering with the launch of its new division, The Sound Media.

Led by The Sound Founder and Chief Ideas Officer Ian Pierpoint and VP/Head of Film Dave Rees, The Sound Media produces unique documentaries as well as other forms of short and longform content across four distinct channels – Stamp, GenEdge, Blender and FringeStream – that cover an eclectic mix of human and cultural touchpoints. Stamp will spotlight brands and their role in shaping culture, while GenEdge turns its focus to youth and the global teenage experience. Blender, on the other hand, will focus on issues and stories relating to contemporary gender, while FringeStream highlights people and organizations living on the fringes of society and how they’re influencing mass culture.

The Sound Media was partly inspired by overwhelming public response to the touching documentary Dads, A Journey Through Modern Day Fatherhood, created by The Sound to investigate the changing face of modern fatherhood, which continues to air on TV in over 17 countries and counting. With the overarching goal of showcasing human interest stories that are equal parts entertainment, inspiration and intrigue, The Sound Media will offer a growing array of upcoming content that aligns with its model of consumer exploration for their clients and the wider advertising industry.

“At The Sound, we spend every day speaking to people around the world; making sense of why things are happening and why people feel they way they do,” says Pierpoint.

“The stories we experience are fascinating, insightful and entertaining and we want to bring them to life for our clients in addition to sharing beyond the world of marketing and advertising. We know there’s nothing more interesting than understanding the why’s behind the world and we’re excited to be releasing content that delivers that insight in a real and authentic style.”

Upcoming projects from The Sound Media include FringeStream’s subculture study on a modern couple living in antiquated fashion called The Victorians as well as a Stamp documentary WEED, an intriguing look at the growing connection between people, brands and the growing marijuana industry.

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Liam Boyle, VP, Head of Brand Partnerships


About The Sound Media:

The Sound Media is a division of The Sound, one of the world’s leading global agencies exploring culture, people and brands.

About The Sound:

The Sound is a Global Consumer Exploration, Brand Strategy and Product Innovation agency, applying leading-edge research techniques, technologies and marketing models to solve client brand, marketing, communications and product challenges. We are a team of brand experts, strategic researchers, idea generators and cultural anthropologists based in New York, Chicago, London, Mumbai, Toronto and Vancouver. We provide clients with the insight, inspiration and strategy needed to answer the brand challenges most important to their business all over the world.