What? Watch Sets Your Daily Agenda with Launch of Sleek, Minimal ‘Calendar Watch’

Following the successful launch of its sold-out debut watch, the moment-capturing  “Stop-the-Time“, smartwatch brand What? Watch has returned with another fashionable wrist accessory coined the “Calendar Watch.”


Like the “Stop-the-Time” model before it, What? Watch’s newest creation infuses a singular digital function into the classic watch construct: using smartphone connectivity to seamlessly display your day’s schedule on the watch face itself. Adhering to What? Watch’s minimal aesthetic, Calendar Watch forgoes any dials or buttons for an intuitive interface and sleek display, artfully melding analog and digital technology in its design.

Concepted and designed by Masashi Kawamura, one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” and founder/creative director of agency, PARTY, and industrial designer Umberto Onza, the Calendar Watch syncs with your existing digital calendars via a free companion mobile app. The watch converts your standard linear schedules into a radial pie-chart, with each event represented as a distinctive grey slice on the watch’s subtle black and white e-paper display.


The Calendar Watch features premium materials like sapphire glass and a long-life rechargeable lithium ion battery, lasting for nearly 3 weeks. The watch’s hands sync to the exact time via bluetooth, automatically adjusting to time zones for the frequent flier. It is also armed with a vibration sensor, allowing the wearer to toggle its second hand and bluetooth off for power-saving mode, and change calendar display modes with a simple finger tap against its face.


“It was inspired by the possibility to create a calendar in a totally different form,” says What? Watch CEO Igor Basargin. “A pie-chart, for example, would intuitively be better perceived by the human eye and look more natural in combination with real analogue hands.” What? Watch aims to add a touch of simplicity – albeit fashionable simplicity – to our daily lives. “We hope that the Calendar Watch will make things easier in the cluttered gadget, app, cloud-computing world,” adds What? Watch Head of US Operations Sami Salmenkivi. “We want to give the user peace of mind, more control and ultimately increased productivity as a result.”


To create a groundswell behind the Calendar Watch, What? Watch has launched a Kickstarter effort for the accessory that gives backers the chance to receive up to three different models. Additionally, the brand is offering a special edition version that’s coupled with several interchangeable lugs and straps at a considerable discount (65% off for the early birds).


“Calendar Watch has a more practical approach than most smartwatches, and considering its potential for mass appeal, Kickstarter is the ideal platform to give people a say in its development,” explains Basargin. “It’s a new concept, an original and useful idea, something that has not been yet suggested to the market, yet it is very simple. We love this combination and we’re excited to inspire the worldwide audience to support us in bringing the product to the market.”

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