Zoolander, Kiehl’s Make Celebs Really, Ridiculously Young-Looking via Night and Lost Planet

Opening to much fanfare last week, the Derek Zoolander Center For People Who Don’t Age Good, or #DZCFPWDAG, has done a great public service by educating people on Kiehl’s youthening product line and simultaneously satirizing beauty with the help of Zoolander No. 2.

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Adding to the DZCFPWDAG’s credibility are 5 celebrity testimonials –  cut by Mike Sobo of Lost Planet Inc. – starring the likes of Alec Baldwin, Martha Stewart, and others, whose aging has reversed so dramatically you may only recognize their voices.

The event, a veritable fountain of youth, comes courtesy of Night Agency and marks a uniquely successful cross-promotional effort between a studio and brand, harnessing the ostentatious and comedic premises of Paramount’s comedy while emphasizing Kiehl’s “youthification” capabilities.



Client: Kiehl’s
Creative Agency: Night Agency
ECD/Partner: Evan Slater
Art Director: Dani Simon
Copywriters: Ben Thompson, Mike Raymond
Editorial: Lost Planet
Editor: Mike Sobo
Assistant Editor: Kenji Yamauchi
Producer: Paolo Solarte
Executive Producer: Krystn Wagenberg

About Lost Planet:

Lost Planet Editorial, Inc. is a boutique commercial and feature film editorial company led by landmark editor Hank Corwin.