Aardman Nathan Love Animates Revved Up Intro for New Camaro App

To help unveil a new app that touts the aesthetic beauty of the sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro, animation entertainment studio Aardman Nathan Love has infused its trademark flourish in an all-digital intro film that showcases the multi-hued models in the mysterious confines of a hangar space.

Working in conjunction with agency Stinkdigital, Aardman Nathan Love highlights the Camaro Six’s interior and exterior in fast-paced fashion with the fully CG intro to the Camaro Six app, which allows smartphone and tablet users to peruse and indulge in the car’s features. Drawing inspiration from several variations on animations, mood drawings and style references conceived by Stinkdigital, Aardman Nathan Love director Eric Cunha collaborated closely with the agency to ensure that every piece of the Camaro Six intro matched up with the app experience, resulting in a beautifully crafted showcase of features including color customization, 360-degree views of the Camaro’s inner space as well as a deep exploration into the mechanics behind the updated American classic. Let’s take a spin.



Client: Chevrolet Camaro
Title: “Camaro 360”
Digital Agency: Stinkdigital

Production Company: Aardman Nathan Love
Executive Creative Director: Joe Burrascano
Executive Producer: Jeff Wolfe
Producer: James Elio
Director: Eric Cunha
Environment Design: Tim Probert
Storyboards: Sigmund Lambrento
CG Lead: Eric Cunha
Layout: Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
Previz: Nick Manfredi
Animation: Jordan Blit
CAD Model Cleanup: Alex Cheparev
Environment Modeling/Texture: Eric Xu
Car Shading: Hubert Wozniak
FX Animation: Spyro Serbos
2D FX: Jeff Dragon
Lighter/Compositor: Eric Cunha, Jin Fang Jiang, Triston Huang

About Aardman Nathan Love:

With a vision to be the most inspirational animation studio in the world in the eyes of its talent, partners and audiences, Aardman Nathan Love creates original animated entertainment, based on strong characters in compelling stories, for the viewing public’s enjoyment. With a value system built on creative integrity, independence, open collaboration, excellence and humor, Aardman Nathan Love has created notable work for brands including Kellogg’s, Perdue, Movantik and UPS.