Logan & Sons’ Christian Holm-Glad Tests the Laws of Physics in Norwegian TV Series “Life on the Line”

Logan & Sons director Christian Holm-Glad delivers his inimitable poetic style to heart-pounding feats that test the laws of physics in the new hit Norwegian science television series, “Life on the Line” (“Med Livet Som Innsats”). The first installment of the eight-part series, which launched January 3, debuted on Norway’s public broadcaster NRK and drew an impressive audience of 765,000 – nearly 42 percent of the nation’s television viewership – and more than 1.1 million total viewers counting a rerun.

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Each 30-minute episode chronicles the execution of death-defying stunts in which the host is saved by a force of nature. In the debut episode, physicist Andreas Wahl braves freezing temperatures and free falls dozens of feet while clinging to an untied rope that swings around an iron pole, which safely stops his plummet. Other episodes include a human BBQ and firing a gun underwater, which has already been viewed more than 16 million times on YouTube.

“I find it strange that with all the things we have discovered about physics, the common knowledge is still so poor,” Holm-Glad says. “To put a person’s life at risk and say, ‘These things we know—they are not up for debate,’ was the perfect way for me to show the certainty in these laws of physics.”

“Life on the Line,” which was developed, directed and executive produced by Holm-Glad, has ready-made viral potential and was voted the top format at last year’s European TV Network pitching session in Antwerp. The series has also drawn interest from some three-dozen countries, including the United States.

“It appears as crazy, but this is no ‘Jackass,’” Holm-Glad adds. “We calculate and test everything. We know what we’re doing, but of course there’s always a risk.”

“Life on the Line” is another notch in the belt of the multi-talented Holm-Glad, whose varied work includes collaboration with DJ Calvin Harris, “Sushi & Nuclear,” a documentary with nuclear physicist Sunniva Rose, as well as atmospheric campaigns for the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Norwegian retailer Lefdal.



Client: NRK
Title: “Life on the Line”
Director: Christian Holm-Glad

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