Award-Winning Director Anthony Furlong Joins the Roster of Production Company Little Minx

Santa Monica, CA-based production company Little Minx has bolstered its roster with the addition of director/designer Anthony Furlong, who earned an Emmy in art direction last year for his work on the NBC’s Sunday Night Football intro starring Carrie Underwood.


Prior to joining Little Minx, the Brooklyn, NY-based Furlong served as director and creative director at established production companies including Harpoon Pictures, Shilo and 1stAveMachine. What attracted the filmmaker to his new role, though, was the inviting atmosphere provided by Little Minx founder/president Rhea Scott and Executive Producer Jennette MacLachlan. “Rhea and Jennette have such a good energy,” Furlong says. “They’ve done a fantastic job curating a small group of artists who are especially interested in the art of filmmaking, while also thinking about content beyond the commercial realm.”

Drawing inspiration from a broad range of artists such as leftfield filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky, writer Joseph Campbell and Star Wars creator George Lucas, Furlong has infused his vision in a variety of directorial projects for well-known brands including IKEA, Samsung, Panasonic and Nokia. Most recently, Furlong conceived and helmed a direct-to-client spot for Yahoo called “Symphony,” which adds a classical, illuminated flourish to how we regularly interact with our tablet devices. “I built an app that would identify and extract the percussion in the song, and another for strings, horns, and woodwinds,” the director explains. “Then we installed those apps on all the devices the morning of the shoot, and when we played the song on set, the devices lit up different people corresponding to the different parts of the orchestra.”

While he’s now a director and designer by trade, Furlong initially started out working in fields such as programming and acting. It was, in fact, his non-traditional career trajectory that was just one of the reasons Little Minx was attracted to the filmmaker. “Anthony’s unconventional path to directing along with his CG/Animation background was instantly appealing to us,” Rhea Scott says. “His passion for not only film, but also his unique insight into shooting a mix of live action and animation makes him a rare talent.”



About Little Minx:

Little Minx has defined itself as a production company that fosters the creative growth of its talent. Specializing in commercials, award-winning films, branded content, and high-profile music videos, the company embraces artists who possess the excellence and expertise to innovate with intelligence and exceptional creativity.