Brand New School and Havas Craft a Cool Campaign for Keurig Kold

Keurig recently launched their new Kold beverage maker with an eye-catching campaign that’s as fun as the drinks themselves. Directed and edited by Brand New School, the campaign, which was concepted and conceived by agency of record Havas Worldwide, is a fast-paced, mixed-media montage of what it’s like to experience the machine and its beverages. Featuring an exclusive partnership with Coca-Cola, Keurig Kold allows consumers to create their own sodas and other soft drinks at home through the use of the iconic Keurig K-Cups.

The Brand New School team found beauty in the storyboard’s stylized liquids and fractured icy textures, and captured them using gorgeous macro shots as well as stunning slow-motion and stop-motion visuals. Taking cues from the bold colors of Pop art, the designers incorporated the Coca-Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and other logos of available flavors into the aesthetic language of the spots. The team also found inspiration in installation art, which included filling a 50-foot photobubble with balloons and detonating an explosive in an oversized ice cube.

“Developing the look for a new product launch is simultaneously exciting and challenging,” said director Chris Dooley. “It’s that rare opportunity to help create the first impression of the brand, so it needs to have a strong perspective and be filled with memorable and iconic moments. From the outset, I was keenly aware that I would be tasked with giving this product a voice and a visual personality.”



Client: Keurig
Title: “Make Your Favorite Cold Drinks”

Agency: Havas Worldwide, New York
Group Executive Creative Directors, Managing Directors: Israel Garber, Jason Musante
Executive Creative Directors: Dustin Duke, Jon Wagner
ACD/AD: Kristine Salm, Guy Seese
ACD/CW: Justin Chen, Donnell Johnson
Co-Head of Production, North America: Sylvain Tron
Executive Producer: Deepa Joshi
Junior Producer: Christina Leprine
Group Account Director: Laura Dartnall
Account Director: Laure Ayel
Account Executive: Alex Zubak
Chief Strategy Officer: Tim Maleeny
Group Planning Director: Dana Ewing
Strategy Directors: Alla Gonopolsky, Maggie Windsor Gross, Neil Kumar

Production Company: Brand New School
Director: Chris Dooley
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
DP: Jim Matlosz
VFX Supervisor: Mark French
Line Producer: David Wolfson

Post Production: Brand New School
Creative Director: Chris Dooley
Managing Partner: Devin Brook
Designers: Andres Rivera, Jeff Welk, Morten Kühl Christensen, Kris Wong, Serge Kirsanov
CG Supervisor: Russ Wootton
3D Artists: Morten Kühl Christensen, Dan Bradham, Jeff Bryson, Shane Csontos-Popko
VFX Supervisor: Mark French
Flame Artist: Mark French, Kirk Balden
Storyboard Artist: Ryan Beckwith
Editor: Moss Levenson
Assistant Editor: Tyler Byrnes
Colorist: Colin Travers
Head of Production: Julie Shevach
Supervising Producer: Suzanne Potashnick

About Brand New School:

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