The Who’s Teen Cancer America Announces 50 Days 50 States Campaign

The number 50 resonates strongly throughout this stunning Teen Cancer America campaign that features one story per day from a total of 50 young people across the country. Teen Cancer America, founded by The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, is determined to create programs nationwide and build units in partnership with cancer hospitals in order to transform the field of teen and young adult cancer treatment.

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Director Hernan Barangan’s feature documentary Cancer Rebellion, cut into a series of 50 inspiring shorts with editor Keith Salmon of BUTCHER, serves as the foundation for the #50Days50States campaign. As The Who themselves celebrate their 50th anniversary, their collaboration with Teen Cancer America and Barangan’s Cancer Rebellion has built a compelling narrative that is sure to ignite change and growth in the cancer community.



Client: Teen Cancer America
Production Company: CancerRebellion
Director: Hernan Barangan
Editorial Company: BUTCHER
Editors: Hernan Barangan, Keith Salmon
Music: Rich Michalowski
Sound Mixer: Pete Kneser