Whitehouse Post Gets “Fancy” for Tanqueray
Via Mother London

Editor Ben Stephens of renowned editorial company Whitehouse Post recently teamed up with Cherry Films Director Jake Nava and Mother London to create an energetic spot for Tanqueray that radiates the perfect balance of sex appeal and sophistication.

“Tonight We Tanqueray” features a suave bartender preparing for the party of the century in a lavish parlour reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties. Accompanied by a jazzy remix of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” he removes dusty sheets, only to reveal that the guests have already arrived and are frozen in time. Stephens’ masterful cuts accentuate the build-up as the bartender rearranges the mannequin-esque partygoers and begins to pour the Tanqueray, gradually bringing the celebration to life.



Client: Tanqueray
Title: “Tonight We Tanqueray”

Agency: Mother London

Production Company: Cherry Films
Director: Jake Nava

Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Ben Stephens
Assistant Editor: Gary Bowyer
Executive Producer: Lisa Kenrick
Producer: Antonia Porter

About Whitehouse Post:

Whitehouse Post believes in the art and craft of editorial storytelling built in a creative and supportive environment. Central to this philosophy is an emphasis on nurturing the best young talent into excellent storytellers who consider the importance of visuals, music and sound working together. Production and finishing partnerships with sister companies Cap Gun Collective and Carbon VFX, as well as with design-driven production company Gentleman Scholar, further cement Whitehouse Post as an invaluable creative resource for its clients. The studio’s deep reel of notable spots for high-profile brands and work on feature films and documentaries have earned hundreds of honors from AICP, BTAA, D&AD, Clio and Cannes.