Bossa Scores Big at Cannes Lions Festival

Integrated production company Bossa scores a highly coveted Cannes Lion award at this year’s festival for their groundbreaking work on “Drinkable Advertising” for Coke Zero and Ogilvy & Mather. A first-of-its-kind, the campaign quenched fans’ thirst at the NCAA Finals with a massive beverage-dispensing billboard, interactive kiosks, and a mobile app.

A deft new player in the ad production space, Bossa was also honored with an impressive seven Shortlist nominations for their work on the Coke Zero campaign and the innovative “The Walking Dead Chop Shop App” for long-time client Hyundai. The interactive game allowed users to deck out vehicles in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.


About Bossa:

Bossa is an integrated production company, working closely with clients and partners to solve problems, fine tune strategies and make the unimaginable real. Unapologetically curious and creative, we are constantly coming up with new ways to push the boundaries of digital storytelling. With an eye for design, a mind for innovation and a hand in R&D and prototyping, we create engaging integrated campaigns. We like to make things that have never been done before. That’s right. We go there.

Our talented team speaks many languages: creative, design, technology, coding, even fine arts and architecture. We do not speak Klingon, Dothraki, or Parseltongue…yet.

And if you’re wondering what Bossa means – it’s “swag” in Portuguese. And with us as your creative production partner, that’s exactly what you’ll get.