Little Minx Signs Multitalented Director Zoe Cassavetes for Commercial Representation

Little Minx welcomes celebrated filmmaker and photographer Zoe Cassavetes to their growing team of directors. Cassavetes embraces a sophisticated visual aesthetic that has enabled her broad success across feature films, short films, music videos, television, and advertising.


Beginning her career in TV, Cassavetes collaborated with Sofia Coppola to create and host the Comedy Central sketch show Hi-Octane. She then went on to host MTV’s House of Style, a role that evolved into a longtime career in fashion shooting with designers and brands like Louis Vuitton, Chaumet, Juicy Couture, Old Navy, LaMarthe, Martel, and Petit Bateau.

Turning her sights to film, Cassavetes directed the short Men Make Women Crazy Theory which opened to broad acclaim at its Sundance premiere. Her debut feature, Broken English starring Parker Posey, premiered at Sundance in 2007 and was nominated for Best First Screenplay and Best Female Lead at the Spirit Awards. While in Paris, Cassavetes expanded her portfolio to include print, producing work for The New York Times, Elle, Dom Perignon, Stiletto, Italian Glamour, Air France Madame, and Liberation.

“Zoe is broadly experienced and exceptionally skilled,” lauds Little Minx President Rhea Scott. “She has a finely tuned artistic and intellectual curiosity that drives her to seek out new styles and master new techniques.”

Cassavetes just finished production on her next project, the highly anticipated 2015 feature film Day Out of Days. Little Minx welcomes Cassavetes as the team continues to attract top-tier filmmakers, recently adding Caleb Slain, Los Perez, and Luca Guadagnino.


About Little Minx:

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