Carbon VFX Helps Kohler Travel Through Time

The visual effects pros at Carbon VFX take viewers on a whimsical jaunt through time in “Never Too Timeless,” a musical spot for Kohler’s Artifacts Faucet Collection via DDB Chicago and B-Reel Director Anders Hallberg. Set to the jazzy beats of “Black Magic Boy” by Fran Hall, a couple chases each other through history dancing from the Victorian Era, to the Art Deco decades, to the 1950s, and finally the Modern Era.

The Carbon team, led by Creative Director Chris Noellert, worked closely with Hallberg from pre-production through post, to meticulously design the most efficient VFX workflow. With a desire to capture as much in camera as possible, they devised moves that could easily be shot by motion control without compromising the choreography of the characters as they travel through time. The duo also collaborated with the set designer to ensure each era was carefully crafted to facilitate the moves and camera timing necessary to provide all of the components that would be needed for the transitions in post.

Noellert ran test comps throughout the shoot to assure both the agency and Hallberg that their preferred takes would be successful. These comps were also used in the edit, allowing the client to see the full journey of the story as early as the initial rough cut. Once the edit was locked, Noellert accentuated the stylish mood of the spot with color correction and nuanced compositing. The end result is a gorgeous narrative with seamless transitions and clever plays on perspective.



Client: Kohler
Title: “Never Too Timeless”

Agency: DDB Chicago
Executive Producer: Brigette Whisnant

Production Company: B-Reel
Director: Anders Hallberg

VFX: Carbon VFX
Creative Director, Lead Flame: Chris Noellert
Executive Producer: Marlo Baird Kinsey

Music: “Black Magic Boy” by Fran Hall

About Carbon VFX:

Carbon is a full-service creative studio specializing in visual effects, motion graphics, and design. We are big enough to handle complex projects, yet small enough to provide personalized attention. We have the experience to collaborate at every level, from supervision and workflow to design and finish. Most importantly, we are driven by a desire to create, and to get our name on really great work.