New Hyper Island Report: Industry Leaders Predict the Trends Transforming Society

Global creative business school, Hyper Island, releases the results of its year-round effort to analyze and track the trends transforming society. Called “Changes of Tomorrow”, the online report outlines the trends in the areas of human behavior, business, talent and technology that will have a profound impact on society over the next three years. This includes a growing acceptance of sharing rather than ownership, transparency instead of privacy, curiosity more than knowledge, and the rise of digital currencies, MedTech, and wearables: all evidence of a world in constant evolution, driven by advances in digital technologies.


The report is part of Hyper Island’s constant initiative to identify relevant trends and decide how they might impact society, thus their programs and courses, clients, students and more. Throughout the year, Hyper Island gathers leaders from across disciplines to collaboratively take the temperature of how the world is changing. The “Changes of Tomorrow” report ( distills insights from industry experts and thought leaders from various companies, agencies, universities, and organizations including Ericsson, Ustwo, Spotify for Business, Wrapp, Harvard University, Scandic Hotels, SapientNitro, Contagious magazine, and many others.

These year-round activities all culminate in Hyper Island’s Industry Forum, a one-day think tank that draws more than 100 experts across the globe.

“Structured collaborative processes are powerful ways to harness the collective intelligence of a large group of people”, explains Hyper Island Learning Designer & Facilitator, Alex Neuman. “Through a process like the Industry Forum, we get more than just the individual perspectives of more than 100 industry leaders. We get 100 perspectives multiplied by hundreds of interactions between those individuals as they discuss, debate and generate ideas together.”

To identify the trends with highest impact on society Hyper Island used a tailored 4-step process, unearthing ideas that will affect a wide range of subjects, from medicine and privacy to wearables and digital currencies. The report also showcases supplemental readings from leading publications as well as products and services that not only embody each trend but have also taken advantage of the opportunities the trend has created.

“Changes of Tomorrow” provides a snapshot of the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of technology, social behavior, culture, and business, demonstrating why companies should constantly follow trend trajectories. While change is constant, this disruption also presents exciting opportunities for businesses to anticipate change and equip themselves to take advantage of it.

“The report suggests a shift in focus from more technology-oriented trends to more organization-oriented trends. The ‘new cool thing’ is no longer to be on top of all of the new technology,” says Neuman. “So businesses need structured processes for innovation and change, but perhaps more importantly, they need to cultivate cultures where those things happen constantly in informal and ongoing ways.”

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About Hyper Island’s Industry Forum

Hyper Island’s Industry Forum is a yearly one-day event that brings together leaders from the digital and creative industries to talk about influential emerging trends. Through a highly interactive facilitated process, participants ideate, organise and map the trends that they believe will have the biggest impact on society over the coming years.

Hyper Island works in close relationship with the industry as part of making sure our programs and courses meet the market needs and are up to date with the latest in our fields. Creating this trend workshop together with influencers from the industry is taking that idea to another level. We highly value the industry’s opinions to secure that we educate tomorrow’s talents.

About Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a global creative business school with consulting services, dedicated to empower people and organizations with the mindset needed to seize the opportunities created by the digital evolution. Founded in Sweden in 1996 Hyper Island today employs over 100 people in the USA, Singapore, the UK and Brazil aside from Sweden. Hyper Island has more than 20000 alumni from higher learning programs and executive courses in more than 40 different countries. In 2010, Hyper Island was presented the Knowledge Award, issued by the Swedish National Encyclopedia, for bringing innovative and inspiring knowledge to others.