DNA’s Director X Tells the Truth about Smoking and Left Swipes for Legacy

DNA’s Director X lenses the latest music video-style spot for Legacy’s famous “Truth” campaign, making its broadcast premiere during the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.


The tongue-in-cheek video, titled “Left Swipe Dat,” calls attention toward the negative impact smoking photos can have in social media, including more online dating rejections. The campaign features Becky G and Fifth Harmony, King Bach, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, AlphaCat, and other Internet Icons.

This is not Director X’s first rodeo in this genre, as he recently shot DirecTV’s similarly-styled “Fantasy Football Fantasy” featuring the Manning brothers. Additional recent DNA projects include music videos for Iggy Azalea’s MTV VMA-nominated “Fancy” and “Black Widow,” a surreal video for Pharrell’s recent hit featuring Daft Punk, “Gust of Wind,” and an energetic campaign for the Samsung Galaxy 11.



Client: Legacy
CMO: Eric Asche
VP, Marketing: Nicole Dorrler
Marketing Director: Mary Dominguez
Marketing Brand Manager: Jasmin Malone

Agency: 72andSunny
CCO, Partner: Glenn Cole
GCD: Mick DiMaria
GCD: Justin Hooper
Writer: Rebecca Ullman
Designer: Sarah Herron
Group Brand Director: Judson Whigham
Brand Director: Kristine Soto
Brand Manager: Everette Cooke
Brand Coordinator: Chelsea Gilroy
Chief Production Officer: Tom Dunlap
Director of Film Production: Sam Baerwald
Senior Film Producer: Marisa Wasser
Film Producer: Esther Perls

Production Co.: DNA
Director: Director X
Partner: David Naylor
Executive Producer: Missy Galanida
Producer: Clark Jackson
DP: Omer Ganai

About DNA:

David Naylor and Associates have set the standard in both the music video and commercial production arenas, forging one of the most innovative production houses in the entertainment world.