ACNE Signs Director Nic Iyer

Integrated production company ACNE is thrilled to announce the signing of international comedy director Nicolas Iyer.

Nic is known as a creatively daring director who is willing to face daunting odds to catch the perfect shot and deliver an unforgettable film. For example, “Breathless” his AICP Award-winning spot for Oxygene Perfume was filmed completely underwater. He has even traveled to the dangerous slums of Rio de Janiero to film the 2014 World Cup Campaign for Samsung, and to the hectic rush hour streets of Paris to capture motorists picking their noses for Kleenex.

Nic began his career creating visual treatments for feature film directors including Martin Campbell, Pierre Morel, Vincent Ward, James McTeigue, and Marcus Nispel. Soon after, Nic began directing celebrities for brands, including actress Milla Jovovich for Tonus Energy Drink, Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas for Acuvue, NFL quarterback Cam Newton, and tennis pro Ana Ivanovich along with MMA champ Junior Dos Santos for Samsung.

With his unique blend of observational humor, visual flare, and impeccable timing, Nic has directed popular commercial campaigns for brands such as Snickers, Sprite, Big Red, McDonalds, Takis, Time Warner, Seat Automobiles, and his spot for Aspercreme, which was a finalist for the Cannes Young Guns Award.

“We were looking for a comedy director who could do more than just execute. A creative who could paint outside the lines.” says ACNE US CEO Jesper Palsson. “With Nic, he really redefines the lines nicely. Working in both Digital as well as traditional advertising, Nic is able to handle the most demanding live action shoots with style. He is also very efficient in concepting and in his writing. This together with an almost encyclopedic knowledge of film made Nic very attractive to us. And really the best thing about Nic is that career-wise, he is just warming up. So we’re really looking forward to taking him to the next level.”


About ACNE:

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