Tool Director Jason Zada Captures Epic Drive for New VW Campaign

Tool director Jason Zada recently took the driver’s seat on a multi-faceted and smile-inducing campaign for Volkswagen in collaboration with Deutsch LA. The campaign spun out of the concept of making everyday events a little more epic and is slated to materialize on multiple platforms.

In a 2.5-minute clip that will play online and in movie theaters across the country, a new VW Golf GTI armed with nearly 100 GoPro cameras and handled by professional racecar driver Tanner Foust takes viewers on a lighthearted adventure that pumps life into otherwise ordinary activities — from picking up a friend to a trip to the car wash.

In addition to the GoPros on the car, the team attached a device on top of the car to achieve a 360-degree angle, and set up dozens of external cameras rolling simultaneously in order to capture each and every angle of the epic drive through downtown Los Angeles. In the YouTube version of the spot, viewers can shift between camera angles such as “Hero,” “Whirly,” and “V-Game.” There will also be an interactive Xbox Live version of the clip as well.

“There are obviously going to be challenges putting something like this together, but that’s the fun part. We worked really closely with Deutsch LA to get all of the moving pieces aligned,” Zada states. “It was a true collaborative effort, and the result is a story that’s visual, fun and relatable for the audience, as well as something that allows them to get in on the action.”

This isn’t Zada’s first thrill ride. The Tool director recently helmed the BMW “Become Electric” campaign, which included an interactive component and its own iPad app. Tool recently pulled in 11 One Show awards for campaigns including Remote Control Tourist, Water is Life’s “4-Year-Old’s Bucket List,” Apple’s “30 Years,” and Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches.”




Client: Volkswagen of America
Spot Title: “Turbocharge the Everyday”
VP of Marketing: Vinay Shahani
General Manager, Marketing Communications: Jen Clayton
Advertising Manager: Jeff Sayen
Advertising Analyst: Steve Kuzemchak

Agency: Deutsch LA
Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat
Group Creative Directors: Michael Kadin, Todd Riddle, Jerome Austria
Creative Directors: Andy Pearson, Scott Clark
Copywriter: John Choe
Art Director: Ben Salas
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
EP: Jim Haight
Senior Integrated Producer: Nick Ngai
Producer: Eric Kaufman
Assistant Producer: Forrest Holt

Production Company: Tool
Director: Jason Zada
Managing Dir. Live Action / EP: Oliver Fuselier
EP / Live Action: Robert Helphand
Managing Director, Digital: Dustin Callif
Head of Digital: Joy Kuraitis
Sr. Interactive Producer: Norma Kwee
Creative Director, Tech: Patrick Gunderson
Creative Director, Design: Matt Gase
Producer: Steven Steiner
Post Producer: Kate Schwerin

Editorial Co: Union Editorial
Editor: Paul Plew
Assistant Editor: Doug Scott
EP: Michael Raimondi
Senior Producer: Joe Ross
Producer: Logan Aries

Post Co: Co. 3
Colorist: Sean Coleman

VFX/Online Co: resolution LA
VFX Supervisor: Todd Iorio
VFX Artists: Spencer Hecox, Ian Hickey, Justin Pascal, Amir Qureshi

Music Co: DeeTown Entertainment
Track: Mosh it up
Artist: The DeeKompressors

Music Co: Endless Noise
8-bit remix of “Mosh it up”
Creative Director: Jeff Elmassian
Arrangers: Jeff Elmassian, Andy Rehfeldt
Audio/Mix Engineer: Grant Cornish
Producer: Mary Catherine Finney

Sound Design Co: 740 sound
Mixer, Sound Designer: Rommel Molina
EP: Scott Ganary

About Tool:

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