Lyve Reveals The Power of Memories With New Brand Video by HUSH

Technology has a way of simplifying our lives, but this shouldn’t dilute the humanness of our relationships, or in the case of the highly-anticipated personal content solution Lyve, our memories. Hot off a vivid light and graphics experiential display for Lyve’s launch at CES 2014, design agency HUSH wrote, directed, and produced a brand video that conveys the sphere of human connection and sentimental value of captured memories that inspires Lyve’s technology.

“Talking about technology usually nets out into a conversation about features and functionality. But what Lyve’s product does is intimately tied to human emotions, to our personal histories and the fingerprint of digital content that we generate every day.”

As the introduction to the Lyve brand and their first product, LyveHome, the new video taps deeply into our shared love for capturing and collecting cherished moments. The video demonstrates the full range of capabilities for Lyve’s apps and the LyveHome, as the mother of a family utilizes Lyve to consolidate photos from various devices and cameras and effortlessly scrolls through them on all her devices, including a television. Meanwhile, the father takes a break from unpacking moving boxes to look at old photo albums, demonstrating the evolution of how we rediscover and share cherished memories – juxtaposing how we used to do it, and how we can do it now.

“Building a brand story around a scary proposition like losing cherished digital memories would have been an easy road to take – but Lyve is about so much more. Instead, we worked with Lyve’s team to celebrate the way we capture, store and rediscover our personal digital content and to leverage the emotional impact of every photo, every video – every memory.”




Agency: HUSH
David Schwarz – Creative Partner
Erik Karasyk – Technical Partner
Jodi Terwilliger – Creative Director
John McSwain – Editor
Dan Rodriguez – Director of Engagement
Gabe Banner – Director of Production
David Porras – Producer

Production Co: Ellipsis Pictures
Wyatt Neumann – Director/Writer
Leslie Godfrey – Producer
Krista Lapierre – Production Supervisor
Todd Young – 1st AD
Matthew Thomas – 2nd AD
Bridger Nielson – Director of Photography

Leslie Chung, Raven Productions – Lead VFX Producer
John Gray – On-Set VFX Supervisor

About HUSH:

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