Rock Paper Scissors Gets Playful For New Nintendo Game

Rock Paper Scissors Editor Gabriel Britz cuts a series of colorful, kid-friendly spots for Nintendo’s new “Tomodachi Life” game, which hits shelves on June 6th.

Each of the :30s features a different kid’s personal “talk show.” The topic of the day? The latest happenings of the star’s avatar in “Tomodachi Life.” From celebrity guests, to adventures in feeding teachers bad sardines, to rap competitions with friends, these kids have animated lives — quite literally.  The spots demonstrate the delight of Tomodachi Life, which allows players to use people in their own lives as characters in the game.



Client: Nintendo
Title: “Tomodachi Life”

Agency: Deutsch

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editors: Gabriel Britz
Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver

About Rock Paper Scissors:

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