HUSH Reinvents The NewFronts with Video-centric Presentation for The New York Times

Design agency HUSH created an artistic and immersive way for media executives to experience the NewFront debut of The New York Times . The event, which took place at Dia Art Space in the West Chelsea neighborhood of New York, was conceived, designed, and produced by HUSH. The result was a diverse array of visuals, sounds, and physical structures for learning more about The Times’s acclaimed online video.

Leveraging the metaphor of “the gallery,” a place for curated, artistic expression, HUSH captured The Times’s intellectual approach to video storytelling in the modern age. HUSH created this digital playground with installations, presentations, and animation inspired by Times Video’s new “T” logo re-brand. The logo incorporates a triangular “play arrow” into the classic gothic font in order to reflect the focus on video. Guests walked through an array of triangular digital/physical plinths, each one representing one of the 14 channels of Times video. Attendees then experienced 45 minutes of dynamic audio-visuals, custom animation and editorial of cascading shapes, sounds, and abstractions of The Times’s Video logo. Everything from the stage itself to the shape and layout of the plinths to the visual graphics reflected the voice of the brand and its commitment to video.

“The layout of the space needed to align with The Times brand in terms of look and feel, tonality and art direction, but also operate in a functional manner for its guests,” HUSH creative partner David Schwarz said. “It was a bit of a challenge in that respect, but the opportunity to work with such an iconic and respected brand on all facets of the project made it an extremely rewarding experience for us as an agency.”

HUSH assisted in the conceptualization and design of the space and content, and also played a central role in choreographing the event, including run of show, presentation curation, content, sound/music, lighting and location selection.

HUSH is no stranger to helping brands craft powerful and engaging launch experiences. Earlier this year, HUSH created a vivid light and graphics display for photo-syncing service Lyve’s stealthy launch at CES 2014. The agency also recently handled the visual and sound experience for Nike’s Niketown New York installation surrounding Super Bowl XLVIII.




Design & Production: HUSH
David Schwarz, Creative Partner
Erik Karasyk, Partner
Jodi Terwilliger, Creative Director
Gabe Banner, Director of Production
Ryan McGrath, Director of Operations
Dan Rodriguez, Director of Engagement

Barry Gilbert, Producer
Katherine Conaway, Associate Producer
Adam Levite, Design Director
John McSwain, Editor
Patrick Burns, Editor
Carl Burton, Animator
Yvonne Romano, Designer
Ross McCampbell, Animator
James Zanoni, Animator
Paige Kenmore, Production Coordinator
Adonis Philp, Production Assistant
Clayton Taylor, Production Assistant

Charlie Wan, Music Composition
NCG Audio (Nick Chacona), Sound Mix

Event Production: Magnetic
Brian Schultz, Partner
Jon Waks, Event Producer
Renata Xatart, Stage Manager
Shawn Cooper, Show Runner

Client: New York Times
Rebecca Howard, General Manager, Video
Libby Panzer, Exec Director, Events & Conferences, Marketing

Carrie Weprin, NYT Asset Manager

About HUSH:

HUSH is a design agency. We design and produce digital content & experiences that are unique in creating brand recognition for our clients. Thinkers. Makers.

Selected Clients:
Nike, Google, Estée Lauder, AERIN, Ted Baker, Esquire, Showtime, ExxonMobil, Under Armour, Starwood Hotels, Sonos, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, MARSH, Random House, Hearst, among others.