Cut by Rock Paper Scissors, The Thrill of Summer Tastes Like Diet Coke

With summer around the corner, Rock Paper Scissors Editor Grant Surmi cuts a feel-good :60 for Diet Coke. The spot features rapid cuts between several scenes of people embracing the why-not attitude of summer. Dancing subway riders, synchronized swimmers, head shaving women, messy painters and sand dune tumblers are the gutsy stars of this spot, and they all choose to augment their adventures with a refreshing Diet Coke − “Just for the Taste of It.”



Client: Coca-Cola
Title: “Just for the Taste of It”

Agency: Coca-Cola
Global Director, Film and Music Production: Rachel R. Holbrook
SVP Integrated Marketing Content and Design Excellence: Jonathan Mildenhall
Director of Multi-Media Production: Sarah Traverso
Creative Director: Adam Hunt

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editor: Grant Surmi
Creative Director: Angus Wall
Producer: Meagen Carroll
Assistant Editor: Arielle Zakowski

VFX, Graphics: a52, Elastic
Designer: Henry DeLeon
Animators: Ekin Akalin, Trix Taylor
Colorist: Paul Yacono
Lead Flame: Matt Sousa
Support Flame: Enid Dalkoff
VFX Producer: Meredith Cherniack
Executive Producer: Megan Meloth

Mix: Lime
Mixer: Loren Sibler
Producer: Jessica Locke

Music: Music Dealers
Composer, Artist: Kill the Alarm
Performers: Garen Gueyikian, Kyle Kelso

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