With App, Site and Brand Video, BKWLD Takes Queue Mobile

Responding to the absence of a comprehensive digital ticketing system, Queue has announced the launch of a user-friendly mobile app, brand video, and website designed and developed by digital agency, BKWLD in tandem with Queue engineers. Providing more than a new digital execution of the service, BKWLD partnered with Queue to use a variety of media, messaging, and content strategies to communicate all the benefits of the one-of-a-kind platform.

“It was really exciting to work with Queue on such a powerful product. They are a unique service and part of the fun of the project was understanding and delivering on the voice and character of the brand using video content and a carefully considered user experience.” says BKWLD CEO and Founder, Ryan Vanni.

Queue is a completely digital platform with merchant capabilities like building and selling tickets, managing multiple venues, and real-time performance tracking and reporting. BKWLD was able to highlight these valuable features with a website, companion app, and a creatively executed video focusing on the more organic and personality-driven themes that present Queue as a strong brand and a valuable product.

“Queue built something that removed a lot of the barriers that used to exist between people holding events and people attending them,” continues Vanni. “Showcasing that user-based approach, we helped create a seamless experience with a singular voice that is fun but professional and provided better market positioning for Queue.”

BKWLD has gained a reputation for innovative work that matches high functionality and industry-pushing creativity with an ability to compliment or create brand messaging. Other recent projects of note include, a brand video for Equil, an innovative writing tool that digitizes everything a user writes, and development of design and content strategy for Skybox, a startup working to democratize the use of satellite imaging.



Client: Queue

Brand Video Credits
Production: BKWLD
Director: Chad Turner
Music: Geographer “Kites”


BKWLD is an independent digital agency founded in 2001. BKWLD begins with the user first – before creative ambitions, lust for awards, or industry accolades.  Whether it is creative digital strategy and execution, branded content, or live-action production and post, BKWLD is dedicated to doing great work for great clients, and having a hell of a time doing it.