Tool’s Tom Routson Tells a Bedtime Story for the 15th Annual NBFF via RPA

For the past several years, Tool and RPA have collaborated to create highly entertaining and creative promotional content for the annual Newport Beach Film Festival. This year, Tool Director Tom Routson succeeds in delivering another riveting cinematic promo for the Fest’s “15 Years Under the Influence Campaign.” The charming 2:30 piece titled “Bedtime Story” stars the NBFF’s projectionist, who is propositioned by his adorable elementary-school-aged daughter to come up with a bedtime story to help her fall asleep. What starts out as a traditional “princess in a castle” fairytale soon spins out of control as the cinephile’s narrative quickly transforms into a theatrical mash-up of great Hollywood movies from Fargo to Pulp Fiction to Memento to Her, sparing no gory detail.

Past collaborations with NBFF from Tool and RPA include “Mandible” from Directors Erich Joiner and Robert Richardson, “Muse” by Director Geordie Stephens, and “Drama” and “Romance” (2010) from Joiner as well.




Client: Newport Beach Film Festival

Agency: RPA
EVP/CCO: Joe Baratelli
SVP/GCD: Pat Mendelson
VP/CD: Scott McDonald
ACD/AD: Kirk Williams
ACD/CW: Eric Haugen
SVP/Chief Production Officer: Gary Paticoff
VP/Executive Producer: Selena Pizarro
Agency Assistant Producer: Grace Wang

Production: Tool
Director: Tom Routson
DP: David Myrick
Managing Director Live Action EP: Oliver Fuselier
Head of Production: Amy Delossa
Line Producer: Joby Ochsner
Production Supervisor: Geno Imbriale
Production Designer: Tom Wilkins

Editorial Company: Cut + Run
Editor: Lucas Eskin
Assistant Editor: Christopher Kasper
Managing Director: Michelle Eskin
Executive Producer: Carr Schilling
Sr. Producer: Amburr Farls
Online Producer: Liz Lydecker
Creative Director: David Parker
Flame Assist: Jorge Tanaka

Title Design: Laundry!
Creative Director: PJ Richardson + Anthony Liu
Executive Producer: Michael Bennett
Producer: Kirsten Collabolletta

Color Services: Company 3
Colorist: Beau Leon
Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov
Color Producer: Liza Kerlin

Music Company: In The Groove
Partner/Executive Producer: Darren Drew
Music Supervisor: Becky Shaheen
Song: Thin Sunlight/ Crimes
Writers: Andrew Jansen, Luke Friedrich, Hannah Fraser, Reese Hagy

Audio Post Company: Margarita Mix Santa Monica
Audio Post Mixer: Paul Hurtubise
Executive Producer: Whitney Warren
Audio Post Coordinator: Brian Frank

About Tool:

Bicoastal Tool is an award-winning production company, representing top live-action directors and interactive directors for advertising projects. From funny… visually engaging… and/or interactive, Tool’s diverse roster of unique talent creates unforgettable commercial and digital content across all platforms.