DNA and USPS Present: Spider-Man, The Mail Carrier

DNA Directors Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man, 500 Days of Summer) and Rich Lee have teamed up with Universal McCann and Sony Pictures to deliver a thrilling :30 for the USPS featuring the one-and-only Spider-Man. The commercial ties in with the The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s worldwide release in May 2014.


The action-packed spot opens with a moment of crisis: an anxious Hollywood executive in a theater lobby is desperately looking for a mystery package that he must get to his eager fans. Spider-Man swings into USPS headquarters, grabs the package and sweeps his way through midtown Manhattan to hand it off to Stan Lee, the superhero’s creator, and former President of Marvel Comics. Once the film reel is delivered, fans relax and enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the big screen.

“Generally on a commercial shoot day you have a handful of agency and client representatives on set. Each one giving notes and looking out for their respective companies, which is totally normal and cool, just part of the process. On this one we had over 30!” notes Director Rich Lee. “Everyone wanted Stan Lee to sign their prepro books and get a photo with Spider-Man…it was actually really sweet and fun to see everyone get so excited around those two. You could see the childlike glints in everyone’s eyes. It was awesome.”

Webb and Lee, who have collaborated in the past, drew on an unexpected link between the brands to expand upon the original creative brief. Like Spider-Man, the USPS is speedy, efficient, and there when you need it the most. Lee cites, “One of the interesting things about both Spidey and the USPS is that they are both iconic, public servants. They’re for the people, helping them in their own way. So there is a nice synergy there.”

DNA has garnered a reputation as a premier production house through industry-leading work with an array of major brands, artists and organizations including Sony, Lexus, Target, Budweiser, and Verizon, to name a few. Most recently, DNA made waves with Director X’s music video for Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” which casts the rapper as Cher Horowitz in a shot-for-shot throwback to Clueless.




Client: USPS
Spot Title: “Amazing Delivery”

Agency: UM
VP, Supervising Producer: Brett Henenberg
Creative Director: Dominic Orologio
Associate Creative Director: Alejandro Nieto
Art Director: Aaron Ricchio
Producer: Sean Newhouse

Prod Co: DNA
Directors: Marc Webb and Rich Lee
DP: Jeff Cutter
EPs: Missy Galanida and Patricia Judice
Producer: Justin Diener

Editorial Co: Final Cut
Editor: Jeff Buchanan
Assistant Editor: Hasani Franke
EP: Saima Awan
Producer: Jennifer Locke

Post/Effects Co: SPI

Color Grade Co: CO3
Colorist: Dave Hussey
Producer: Denise Brown

Composers: Hans Zimmer and Pharrell Williams

Sound Design Co: LIME Studios
Sound Designer: Dave Wagg
EP: Jessica Locke

About DNA:

David Naylor and Associates have set the standard in both the music video and commercial production arenas, forging one of the most innovative production houses in the entertainment world.