Elastic Unites Decades of Heroes at The Oscars

This year, The Oscars celebrated the concept of a hero’s journey with a duo of short films conceived by Elastic and edited by Rock Paper Scissors. Compelling and motivational, the videos perfectly complemented the night’s theme of heroism — on screen and off — and the power that heroic stories have to inspire and transform lives.

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“The creative process started back in November; taking multiple concepts to the Academy that eventually culminated in the work that was seen on awards night,” states Executive Producer Jennifer Sofio Hall. “The result really speaks to what Elastic embodies as a studio. Also, collaborating with the talented editors from Rock Paper Scissors and the artists at a52 made it possible to execute the work as it changed shape throughout the project.”

In addition to the hero films, the editors at Rock Paper Scissors cut the coveted best picture nominee reels.



Client: The 86th Academy Awards
Producers: Neil Meron, Craig Zadan, Lee Lodge
Air Date: March 2, 2013

Production: Elastic
Creative Director: Angus Wall
Producer: Jason Sterman
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

VFX: a52
Producer: Hameed Shaukat
Online Editor: Daniel Ellis
Executive Producer: Megan Meloth

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors
Editors: Angus Wall, David Brodie, Jamie Foord, Devin Maurer, Paul Meserve, Austyn Daines
Assistant Editors: Lauren Dellara, Eric Hughes, Niles Howard
Producer: Lauren Wilson
Executive Producers: Carol Lynn Weaver, Linda Carlson

Sound Design: Barking Owl
Final Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Loren Silber

About Elastic:

With studios in Los Angeles and New York, Elastic is home to a group of filmmakers that have found their voice through years of experience across an impressive range of visual mediums. With the support of award-winning sister companies Rock Paper Scissors and a52 VFX, the directors at Elastic are unconstrained by technique and have the freedom to support their vision by tapping into the talents and unique resources that have made each of these companies excel. Every director brings with them a history and understanding that influences their work and defines their craft. For these directors, their years of experience and love for animation, editorial and visual effects have culminated in the creation of Elastic.