Nathan Love Creates Animated Chocolate Carnage with Leo Burnett for Kellogg’s Krave

Design and animation studio Nathan Love recently set to work on Leo Burnett’s adorable, darkly humorous new campaign for Kellogg’s Krave cereal. The spot is the latest in their work with Kellogg’s, coming after an acclaimed CGI redesign of Froot Loops’ mascot Toucan Sam and a series of vibrant CGI packaged goods projects for other brands like Chips Ahoy and Pop Secret.

“After the success of last year’s Froot Loops campaign, we were thrilled to have Leo Burnett and Kellogg’s return to us with another brand,” notes Nathan Love ECD Joe Burrascano. “This was a fun change of pace – trading in the lush, detailed world we built in the Froot Loops spots for something more deliberately minimalist and graphic. It’s been a great opportunity to show off our range.”

Nathan Love’s energetic animation features bold, eye-catching elements on an all-white background – qualities that standout dramatically from similar brand campaigns. The new spot expertly brings together quirky comedy, complex choreography, and clever character design, building a satisfying narrative into the tight :15 time frame.



Client: Kellogg’s
Brand: Kellogg’s Krave
Title: Hot Date

Agency: Leo Burnett

Production Company: Nathan Love
Executive Producer: James Braddock
Head of Production: Derrick Huang
Creative Directors: Joe Burrascano and Anca Risca
Director: Joe Burrascano
Designs and Concept Art: Sigmund Lambrento
Lead Technical Director: Eric Cunha
Animation: Eric Cunha, Niles Lishness
Modeling and Texturing: Triston Huang, Marcela Saenko, Seung Sung
Lighting and Rendering: Triston Huang, Marcela Saenko
Compositing: Triston Huang
2D FX: Kristjan Zaklynsky
2D Text Animation: Tristram Waples

About Nathan Love:

NATHAN LOVE is an innovative animation, design, and development studio located in NYC. Driven by a passion to tell great stories and connect with audiences around the globe, Nathan Love develops memorable characters, imaginative worlds, and engaging narratives for television, film, Web, books and video games. Clients and collaborators include Kellogg’s Froot Loops, McGraw-Hill Education, Chips Ahoy, NBC-Universal, and Nickelodeon Studios.