HUSH Launches Lyve at CES With Lights and Visuals

While digital devices succeed in keeping us all connected, they do create at least one continual problem: too much media, from too many sources, scattered across too many platforms. Lyve aims to be a complete solution for this problem – an infinite camera roll and a simplified approach to reliving life’s moments. As the stealth startup made its debut at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Lyve Minds, Inc. partnered with HUSH to design a one of a kind brand experience, transforming a suite with lights, displays, and visuals to showcase Lyve’s unique offering.

HUSH captured Lyve’s innovative offering by concepting, designing, and building a vivid off-the-CES-floor experience, especially suited to communicating the product offering and brand voice. The installation is anchored by a large central screen flanked by a custom designed product display. The screens show a collection of personal images and videos breaking into fragments and transforming into colored lighting illuminating the assortment of tablets, phones, and other devices arrayed on glowing physical pedestals below. The visuals and color spectrum act as a metaphor for Lyve’s collecting, sorting and protecting service.

“HUSH’s job was to create a physical manifestation of Lyve that would implicitly communicate the ease and ingenuity of the service,” notes HUSH Creative Partner David Schwarz. “Lyve is an elegant solution to a persistent technological problem, and we were happy to help them introduce it to the wider world. Showing its offering visually feels simple – so we created a metaphor to discuss how the different technology platforms capture and share content all to one central product.”

HUSH created the immersive display in a duo of suites at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, a complex task that involved scrubbing the hotel’s brand language and working within a rather inflexible architectural space. The agency used MadMapper to trigger lighting effects in the display, synching the moving images and pulsing pedestal lights. The colored lights and fixtures, matched with content on the screen behind it, had the effect of creating an intimate relationship between the software/hardware ecosystem.

“People ‘got it’ much faster because of the design of the space, the organization of the technology, and our system of lighting, form factor, and video content,” explains Schwarz.

The Lyve CES launch is the latest in a long line of brand partnerships for HUSH, helping the agency to demonstrate its expertise in translating brand values into experiential design concepts. Lyve Minds, Inc. engaged HUSH’s vast installation and experiential design capabilities to distill this groundbreaking technology into a bold visual language.

“This was ultimately a creative study on how retail fixture design, lighting design, and the design of digital content all can and will come together in the near future of digital retail. We were excited to take on a project that combined our pedigree in creative brand experiences, from abstract to theatrical, immersive to informational.”




Client: Lyve Minds, Inc.

Design Agency: HUSH
David Schwarz, Partner
Erik Karasyk, Partner
Jodi Terwilliger, Creative Director
Keetra Dixon, Design Director
Ben Gray, Architectural Designer
Carl Burton, Animator
James Zanoni, Animator
Ross McCampbell, Designer
Noah Norman, Technical Lead
Brett Dicus, Technology Consultant
Gabe Banner, Director of Production
Dan Rodriguez, Director of Engagement
Eric Alba, Producer

Brand Agency: NSG/SWAT
Richard Kirshenbaum, CEO
Troy Lumpkin, Creative Director & Partner
Matt Garcia, Director of Account Services and New Business & Partner
Robin Bunevich, Account Manager

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