Whitehouse Post Cuts Moving Docu-Short for WonderWork

Whitehouse Post Editor Greg Snider was recently tapped by Brooklyn-based digital media company Blue Chalk Media to cut a stirring documentary short and accompanying trailer for WonderWork, a charity organization that provides free sight-restoring operations to blind children in many of the world’s poorest countries. In First Sight: Sonia & Anita, two Indian sisters take the emotional journey through the surgery that will allow them to see for the first time in their lives.

“It’s such an honor to be involved with a project that will effect tangible, positive change for kids around the world,” states Snider. “Blue Chalk put together a fantastic team. The Co-directors, Brent Stirton and Robert Wilson, and Composer Tyler Strickland did a phenomenal job of capturing the setting and the drama that unfolds over the course of the film.”



Client: WonderWork
Title: First Sight: Sonia & Anita

Digital Media Company: Blue Chalk Media
Executive Producer: Rob Finch

Co-Director: Brent Stirton/Getty Images
Co-Director: Robert Wilson

Editorial: Whitehouse Post
Editor: Greg Snider

Music Composer: Tyler Strickland
Motion Graphics: Drew Jordan

About Wonderwork:

WonderWork is the world’s first major charity focused on the problem of lack of access to surgery in the developing world. 40+ million children and adults are waiting for surgery and will never receive it unless someone helps them. WonderWork provides free surgeries for children and adults who are blind, severely burned or crippled with clubfoot. Instead of sending American doctors on missions, WonderWork empowers local doctors through free training, free equipment and financial aid through 61 programs and partners in 58 of the world’s poorest countries. www.wonderwork.org

Contact: Karen Lazarus, Director of Strategic Projects, 212-729-1855 karen@wonderwork.org

About Blue Chalk:

Blue Chalk Media is a Brooklyn-based digital media company founded by people who believe in the power of nonfiction visual storytelling. With roots in photojournalism, documentary film, cable television and digital communications, the Blue Chalk team is equipped to serve third-party clients and partners as well as to publish independently.

Blue Chalk arrives at a complicated time in the evolution of the visual media industries. It embraces this moment of disruption and encourage blue sky thinking about the technologies and approaches needed to create and convey picture-led stories in a digital world.

Learn More at bluechalk.com

About Whitehouse Post:

Whitehouse Post believes in the art and craft of editorial storytelling built in a creative and supportive environment. Central to this philosophy is an emphasis on nurturing the best young talent into excellent storytellers who consider the importance of visuals, music and sound working together. Production and finishing partnerships with sister companies Cap Gun Collective and Carbon VFX, as well as with design-driven production company Gentleman Scholar, further cement Whitehouse Post as an invaluable creative resource for its clients. The studio’s deep reel of notable spots for high-profile brands and work on feature films and documentaries have earned hundreds of honors from AICP, BTAA, D&AD, Clio and Cannes.