/Wildchild/ Launches Expansion under Exec Producer Melissa Miller

Marking a major push into film, content and promo work, /Wildchild/ has signed industry leader Melissa Miller as their new Executive Producer. With deep agency experience, a long postproduction career, and 20 years of experience in general market advertising, Miller is perfectly positioned to lead the company in this ambitious expansion. A centerpiece of these efforts will be an aggressive recruitment of editors in all phases of the business in order to build distinct divisions that will each focus on one medium of production: film, content, promos, and general market advertising.

“Melissa has a uniquely well-defined mission: we are building a broader company that can address all forms of today’s media landscape” states /Wildchild/ Owner Yvette Piñeyro. “Her vast experience in all parts of the production pipeline give her invaluable insight into what it will take to grow /Wildchild/ into the dynamic entity we envision it becoming. By procuring new talent and adding her well-rounded business insights, she will help shape the future of the brand.”

Even as she builds these distinct new divisions, Miller will work to bolster /Wildchild/’s traditional areas of strength, including color correction, 2D, 3D, VFX and graphics with Flame, Smoke, Resolve and other systems. Her main focus, however, will be in recruiting and developing talent. “I take a particular interest in helping to build and nurture editors’ careers, because I look not just at what they’ve done, but at what their real interests are,” states Miller. “I look at their reel and sell them on the merits of trying to do one project or another. That’s usually what starts their career, because the confidence that I give them that they can hit it out of the park leads to other things.”

Miller’s strengths in management, revenue, profit growth, strategic planning, and managing the supplier/vendor relationship will make her invaluable in leading these new initiatives. She has led campaigns for numerous brands including: Snickers, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Sprite, Sprint, Skittles, Old Spice, DirecTV, GE, Volkswagen, HBO, ESPN, Starburst, Miller High Life, Staples, MasterCard, and Burger King. Her work has earned a host of Cannes Lion, CLIO, ACE and ADDY awards. Prior to joining /Wildchild/, Miller worked at Mackenzie Cutler NY, Spine, Berlin Cameron, Fallon NY, Deutsch, Margeotis and BBDO.



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About /Wildchild/:

/Wildchild/ is a collaborative team that delivers premium post-production to leading advertising agencies and content creators worldwide. From Editorial, Color, and Finishing to Music, Mix, and 2D/3D GFX – we offer a full spectrum of services for television commercials, music videos, shorts, features, online/interactive content, and more. All of our talent operates out of the same Flatiron-based studio, where we have developed a creative infrastructure that allows us to be flexible and efficient in this ever-evolving media landscape.