Lullaby Lift

Got a crying baby? An oft-shared piece of advice between parents is that driving around the block a few times with your little one can be the best soporific soother. But what happens when you live in NYC, or any other city where driving isn’t the norm? Luvs understands the plight of these particular parents and wanted to provide them with a bit of relief with the “Lullaby Lift,” a campaign for Luvs.

On Twitter, exhausted parents were invited to tweet to @Luvs with the hashtag #lullabylift, and the diaper brand dispatched a fleet of special cabs to their ad. The cars would drive around until the babies fell asleep, while mom and dad were invited to share their stories of sleepless nights and parenting gripes. At the end of the ride, the families were sent home with packages of new Luvs with Nightlock, whose absorbency promises to help keep the little ones sleep through the night.