Whitehouse Post Cuts Teasers for Ridley Scott’s The Counselor

Michael Fassbender enters a lingerie store, engaging the flirtatious young clerk in his quest to buy unmentionables for a woman he’s only just met. A white SUV carrying Cameron Diaz and her pet cheetah pull up into a desert gas station, where a curious Javier Bardem boldly approaches them. Titillating scenes from Ridley Scott’s latest film, The Counselor? Not quite.

Click here to view “Lingerie,” the first teaser to be released for ‘The Counselor.’

To promote the launch of Scott’s forthcoming film, Whitehouse Post Editor John Smith teamed with RSA Directors Johnny Hardstaff and Luke Scott on a pair of evocative short films that conjure the world and characters of Scott’s feature using entirely original footage. “Ridley Scott is the greatest visualizer of his generation, and it was an honor to cut these virals for his new film,” notes Smith, who also teamed with RSA Director Luke Scott on two additional teasers.

“Our aim was very simple: to tease,” remarked Director Johnny Hardstaff. “Any teaser should be rich with intrigue, and John Smith does an excellent job of further amplifying the tension and subtext within our action. We don’t betray the experience of immersing yourself for the first time in the drama and thrill of Ridleys vision for ‘The Counselor,’ but hopefully instead we subtly begin to allude to it, gently expanding further the world he has created.”

Director Luke Scott added, “there is something very playful about this little sequence that could not even begin to fathom the complexity of The Counselor.”



Brand: Short films for The Counselor for use as teasers.

Title/Length: The Counselor Viral 90s and 2’40 / Malkina & Reiner Viral 60s
Air Date: October 15th (The Counselor) / October 22nd (Malkina & Reiner)

Client: Fox (film studio)
Production Company / Agency: RSA Films
Celebrity Talent: Michael Fassbender and Natalie Dormer (The Counselor) / Javier Bardem and Cameron Diaz (Malkina & Reiner)
Creative Director: Ridley Scott
Writer: Cormac McCarthy

Production Company: RSA Films
Director: Johnny Hardstaff (The Counselor) / Luke Scott (Malkina & Reiner)
Executive Producer: Kai Hsiung
Producer: James Smith

Editorial Company: Whitehouse Post
Editorial Co. Location: London
Editor: John Smith
Editorial Company EP: Lisa Kenrick
Producer: Lisa Kenrick
Assistant Editor: various

Post Production & Grade Company: MPC
Producer: Ellora Chowdury
Flame Artist: Cynthia Lee
Colorist: George K (The Counselor) / Richard Fearon (Malkina & Reiner)

Music Company: Eclectic

Audio Production Company: Wave
Sound Design: Joe Mount

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