HUSH Collaborates with Ted Baker London on Sly and Smart

In a U.S. dedicated effort, global lifestyle brand Ted Baker London teamed with design agency HUSH to launch StreetWinker, an astutely targeted and comprehensive campaign. Incorporating a series of short films, GIFs, and a playfully tongue-in-cheek website – the campaign is a showcase of HUSH’s ability to work across mediums to help companies translate their strategic and conceptual frameworks to new audiences.

Building upon Ted Baker’s history of creating fun, quirky, compelling and risk-taking campaigns, HUSH helped concept a seasonal effort that was at once a U.S.-targeted departure from the brand’s norm and a holistic but subtle promotion for their current collection. These efforts included a unique branding gesture dubbed “the wink,” a thematic through line that ensured all creative would be highly produced, smartly crafted, and delivered straight-faced with the undertones of smart satire. The campaign also introduces the embodiment of this winking theme in spokesperson, Redge Blaker.

“It’s a rare opportunity and amazing creative challenge to marry high design with comedic wit,” notes David Schwarz, Creative Partner at HUSH. “Ted Baker’s StreetWinker campaign is a testament to compelling visual content, storytelling, and the birth of an emblematic character. It’s a kind of fashionable inversion of the conventional – just Ted Baker’s style.”

Working with Ted Baker and Gavin McInnes’ (of VICE fame) Rooster production company, HUSH helped refine the personality of Redge Blaker, the sartorial protagonist of this style narrative. A sharp-witted cultural adventurer of British heritage, Blaker offers tongue-in-cheek tips on both impeccable style and proper etiquette.

“Through channeling Redge Blaker, we have created enjoyable content that is genuinely laugh out loud funny, stylish and still very consistent with our brand messaging,” remarks Craig Smith, Brand Communication Director of Ted Baker London.” Taking the mickey out of others (in a nice way) is an integral part of British culture and Redge Blaker achieves this in a manner that is engaging and accessible. Much like Ted he is forever teasing the boundaries of acceptable humor.”

HUSH helped Ted Baker craft its messaging by identifying a unique American audience: the burgeoning creative class of young, upwardly mobile, creative professionals who work in industries and live lifestyles that have afforded them success and now have the need to dress like it.

“The goal was to use the attitude and strength of the surging Ted Baker brand to tap into the social nuances of the American market and drive more traffic to their stores,” explains Schwarz. “This was a brand of undeniable quality living on the bridge of two cultures, fundamentally British but in need of an Americanizing focus to fit within U.S. metropolitan culture.”

Ted Baker’s StreetWinker campaign exemplifies HUSH’s ability to work closely with brands to create strong, targeted projects. “This kind of relationship involves a lot of communication, a lot of wrangling and a lot of strategic shifts to capitalize on market and production opportunities,” notes Schwarz. “This is exactly what HUSH is building with all of our clients, working hand-in- hand to make the best work possible, even if that means change, redesign or reconcepting. We’re in it together.”

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Ted Baker London

Craig Smith, Global Brand Communication Director
Fiona Zeman, PR & Marketing Guardian USA
Misty Gant, PR & Marketing Senior Associate USA


David Schwarz, Erik Karasyk, Partners
Jodi Terwilliger, Creative Director
Sarah Ancalmo, Design Director
Erik Yang – Designer
Ross McCambell – Animator
Diana Frame, Producer
Dan Rodriguez, Director of Engagement


Writers – Gavin McInnes & Phil Matarese
Director – Phil Matarese
EP – Sebastian Eldridge
Producer – Kaitlin Del Campo
Editor – Michael Luciano

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