EP*Vision Captures Essence of Philadelphia Flyers in Bold Campaign

EP*Vision is gearing up for the NHL hockey season with a graphically bold campaign for the Philadelphia Flyers. The effort’s centerpiece is an in-arena open that will play simultaneously across seven screens prior to the start of each Flyers home game, amping up the team’s rabid crowds with a hard-hitting, team-defining montage.

EP*Vision created an entirely original concept, look, and feel for the Flyers while maintaining key aspects of the team’s original branding. Having worked in similar environments before, EP*Vision has learned how to build creative visuals for the arena experience. “It’s a matter of being able to visualize what these images will look like on those enormous arena screens. You don’t watch an intro like this so much as you experience it,” said Parwana. “For Ep*Vision, it’s incredibly important to consider how the presentation will impact fans from their seats.”



Client: Philadelphia Flyers

Production Co.: EP*Vision
Creative Director: Maryam Parwana
Designers/Animators: Brian Walsh, Matteo Fornabaio, Mo Ghayour, Daniel J. Clark, Jason Wong
Sound Design: The Crystal Pharaoh
Producer(s): Natalie Rose, Taylor Colbert
Managing Partner: David Weinstein

About EP*Vision:

EP*V is a motion graphics & production shop born in NYC 2009. Our goal is to create and collaborate on fun, stylish, challenging, experimental, sexy & beautiful range of work.

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