TRUST Trivia: Angelina Jolie

With incalculable media coverage of her awards, accolades and scandals, it’s hard to believe that there’s anything you haven’t heard about “Catwoman” Angelina Jolie (née Voight). However, you may never get this Hollywood royal pinned. The LA-native is back on our radar as director and producer of the biopic on U.S. Olympian and World War II hero, Louis Zamperini, titled Unbroken. The movie is set to film later this month in Australia. This is her second directorial endeavor after 2010’s In the Land of Blood and Honey.

Here’s some trivia to catch you up on the star who redefines “renaissance woman.”

She has a dark side.

She collects knives and is interested in mortuary science. She took it to the next level by becoming skilled with a butterfly knife, and admitting her childhood dream of becoming a funeral director.

She is a competitive philanthropist.

She has been featured on the Forbes list of “Hollywood’s 10 Most Generous Entertainers” (and has the pearls to prove it).

She made history with her global service work.

In 2003, she was the first person to receive the “Citizen of the World Award” from the UN’s Correspondents’ Association for her work as a goodwill ambassador with the UNHCR.

She isn’t finished adding to her collection of creative tattoos.

She has the coordinates of the birth countries of each of her children tattooed on her upper arm (Two for France, for Viv and Knox). They are in the place of an old Billy-Bob tat. 

Not only has she been named the sexiest woman in the world multiple times, but:

She started modeling at age 14, and in 2007, was named the sexiest person in history.

…And on top of all that, she can fly.

She holds a private pilot certificate with the “airplane, single engine, land” rating. She is qualified to fly any single-engined aircraft based on land.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…