Prada Steps Into the Future with Jane Fonda-Narrated Showcase from Logan & Sons

Imagine a future in which our bodies, like our clothing, evolve and change to fit the style of the season. Logan & Sons transports us to this surreal universe in The Future of Flesh, an evocative fashion film written and directed by Luke Gilford, voiced by Jane Fonda, scored by former Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears, and styled entirely by Prada in their Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

Operating in the emotive, visually-striking style that has led to special collaborations with Dom Perignon and David Lynch, Maison Martin Margiela, Anjelica Huston, Patrik Ervell, The Miss America Organization, and The New York Times Magazine, Gilford delivers a mysterious and cinematic world narrated by Jane Fonda and further realized with dreamlike editing and a haunting, richly-textured score.

“A central characteristic of fashion is that it evolves through time. As a culture, we’ve recently begun to think of the body in this way as well,” Gilford explains. “Compare magazine covers over the decades, you’ll see how much hair and physique change with the clothes. Now as body modification accelerates, facial features and bone structure are changing as well. The body is beginning to merge with fashion in very interesting ways. Google Glass, for example, is both a fashion statement and a portal into virtual worlds. I find this sexy as well as strange – a science fiction fantasy becoming a reality. The title itself – The Future of Flesh – is a nod toward this evolution.”

The Future of Flesh continues Gilford’s tradition of using “real people” in lieu of professional models for his projects, a practice that has long set his film and photography apart from his contemporaries. To populate this alternate world, Gilford called upon the talents of a pool of friends and his very own grandmother, who has also appeared in his work for Dom Perignon, V Magazine, GQ Style, and a number of personal projects.

An editorial feature comprising photographs shot by Gilford during production on The Future of Flesh appears in the current issue of Document Journal magazine, on news stands now.



Client: Prada, Document Journal
Title: The Future of Flesh (:60)

Production Company: Logan & Sons
Director: Luke Gilford

Score: Jake Shears
VO: Jane Fonda
Wardrobe: Prada

Cast: Rosalie Gilford, Rya Kleinpeter, Peggy Noland, Renata Raksha
Jewelry: Lynn Ban

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