FLUID’s Sabatino Takes AICE for Wynter Gordon Music Video

FLUID Editor Peter Sabatino recently brought home an AICE for his work on a streetwise music video for singer-songwriter Wynter Gordon. A furious montage of colors, typography, graphics, and shots of Gordon herself posting up on the wild streets of New York City, TKO beat out impressive videos by the Rolling Stones and Maroon 5 to take top honors for 2013.

“Wynter Gordon is an extremely talented rising star, but the fact that TKO beat out legendary acts such as the Rolling Stones and Maroon 5 is a real testament to Peter as an editor,” explains FLUID EP Laura Relovsky. “That fellow editors and post professionals act as judges is an enormous compliment underscoring the great esteem that Peter has earned among his in-the-know peers.”

Handed footage of Gordon singing around NYC, Sabatino teamed up with FLUID Editor Zeke O’Donnell to build the titles, working them in as mattes or transitions between scenes. The director gave Sabatino full creative freedom. “The projects where I have the director’s complete trust are by far the most enjoyable to work on,” Sabatino remarks. “Since there wasn’t a narrative story to TKO, I wanted the form to drive the video – and its intensity called for that form to be flashy, vibrant and fast. With the beautiful footage that came my way and a huge hand from Zeke and the rest of the FLUID crew, we came up with something that we could be really proud of.”



Artist: Wynter Gordon
Song Title: TKO

Director: Adam Donald

Post Production Company: FLUID
Editor: Peter Sabatino
Graphics: Zeke O’Donnell
Executive Producer: Laura Relovsky

About FLUID:

Fluid is an editorial company complemented by a community of innovative artists offering the complete spectrum of post-production services including award-winning original music, sound design and mixing, 2D / 3D design, VFX and CGI.