TRUSTnav: The Cannes Social Planner and GPS Finder Goes Live

Hold up your phone anywhere in Cannes and see where you need to be

Tired of trying to organize a packed week of events, then getting lost trying to find them? We thought so, and per usual, TRUST has your back. Following an open entry period, communications collective TRUST is thrilled to announce the launch of TRUSTnav: Cannes, the most comprehensive resource for planning and locating your unsanctioned, yet essential Cannes events. TRUSTnav is the only app-based social planner with complete mapping and geo-location technology to help you navigate the chaos. Just hold up your phone anywhere in Cannes and the app’s augmented reality system will guide you right to your favorite social events so you’ll never get lost again.

“As a resource, TRUST is constantly looking for the best ways to provide meaningful services to an increasingly connected audience,” explained TRUST founder Adam Fine. “With Cannes, we realized that to avoid the clutter, people needed a definitive app to help them organize their social calendars and find where they need to be without having to troll through countless e-mail strings for an address.  In TRUSTnav, we’ve created something unique and scalable that demonstrates our understanding and commitment to providing smart solutions to the advertising community.”

Consistently raising the bar, this year’s TRUSTnav: Cannes app will be filled with fun and useful extras driven by ARworks’ location-based and 3D augmented reality, including a  “Sharer” feature that allows users to customize a banner message on a 3D biplane, photograph it, and share it with their friends on their social media portals.

“This partnership with TRUST marks our first collaboration with a New York-based agency. We are especially thrilled that the result of this collaboration brings our next generation augmented reality based app into the hands of some of the world’s most creative people at Cannes,” said Judit Langh, VP of Marketing, North America, for ARworks.

Submissions have been extended until June 14th, so don’t miss your chance to get your event included.

Go to and connect with TRUSTnav: Cannes.

To download for iOS, click here.
To download for Android, click here.



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About ARworks:

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Augmented Reality is a relatively new technology, currently available primarily on smartphones and tablets and growing rapidly. It places relevant digital, multimedia, 3D and animated content on the live camera picture of devices bringing digital information into the real world at the right place and time.

ARworks has created over 60 successful campaigns using various AR technologies. Our clients include Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Opel (GM), VW, Samsung, Ericsson, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Novartis, Allianz and the Discovery Channel.

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