jumP Hires Sales Rep John Buckley

jumP plans on spreading the word farther than ever with the addition of west coast sales rep John Buckley to its LA team. Buckley, who also reps for Asche & Spencer and Believe, has worked with numerous editorial companies over the course of his nearly two decades in the business, including Cut+Run, Plum, Sandwick and CrewCuts. An all-around industry hand who understands the many sides of production, Buckley has collaborated in one fashion or another with a number of respected directors, including Mark Pellington, Michel Gondry, Francis Lawrence, Tony Kaye and Anouk Besson.

“John has the experience, the connections and the insight to help jumP grow,” states EP Betsy Beale. “With our talent focused on creating and John selling their work to his broad network, we feel very confident about our future.” jumP is represented in the East Coast and Midwest by TRUST’s Carson Hood.


about jumP:

Bicoastal jumP is an award-winning creative editorial boutique focusing on commercials, features, short films, music videos, and emerging media content. The firm works with a wide-range of top-tier brands, directors, and agencies continually delivering powerful and efficient results for each of its clients. The company roster includes Partner/Editors: Luis Moreno and Michael Saia, Editors: Lin Polito, Troy Mercury, Richard Mettler, Patrick Griffin, David Trachtenberg, Richard Cooperman, Wendy Rosen, Jonathan Edwards, EPs Betsy Beale and Alexandra Leal, and Partner/Managing Director Dee Tagert.