Call for Entries: TRUST Launches Cannes Social Planner, TRUSTnav

Following the success of its unofficial 2012 Cannes social planner, communications collective TRUST is at it again with an expanded version aptly named, TRUSTnav: Cannes. The upcoming website and subsequent app will be the go-to, one-stop source for planning your unsanctioned but essential Cannes itinerary. Get your event included by going to

TRUSTnav: Cannes will be mobile optimized, updated hourly, and bursting with complete mapping and geo-location technology to help you navigate the chaos. Building upon previous efforts, TRUSTnav: Cannes will include an app filled with extras driven by ARworks’ location-based augmented reality that will be available for iOS and Android. Submissions will be accepted until June 9th, with the final social planner and app to debut in late May.

Email to inquire about potential opportunities.



About TRUST:

Can you draw a map from your latest marketing campaign to your newest client?

At TRUST we believe a successful business is built on more than the sum of its parts. The best product, the most engaging marketing campaign, the sharpest public relations strategy, and the most aggressive sales efforts can only go so far if those separate elements aren’t working in tandem to raise your profile and create new business opportunities.

TRUST is a team of communication specialists, strategists, web developers, writers and designers, all practiced in the art of turning problems into opportunities.

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