Logan & Sons Director Kristoffer Borgli Captures the Moments of Falling in Love for Match.com

A nervously assembled outfit. A drunken, flirty night out. A sunset kiss on a sandy beach. These are the moments that populate Match.com’s “Get Closer”, a spot by NY/LA-based production company Logan & Sons. Telling the story of several relationships in short, emotional bursts, “Get Closer” depicts the simple, beautiful moments that we might not necessarily pay attention to when dating, reflecting a deeply personal understanding of what it means to fall in love.

“The film was about finding true moments, little moments, believable moments, “ states Director Kristoffer Borgli. “Nothing too big, just a poetic view on the everyday sort of stuff. An ironic Titanic-moment over a freeway, making out in the back of a taxi, messing around in a thrift store. I wanted it to feel like we were actually there in real life situations, documenting seemingly random dating moments.”

“Get Closer” marks Kristoffer’s first spot in the U.S. and his first with Logan & Sons. The spot triumphs in its touching and honest account of how dating, whether by Internet or otherwise, has its ups and downs, like any relationship. From first kiss to first fights, awkward meet-ups and getaway weddings, “Get Closer” is as close to the truth as reality itself.


Client: Match.com
Spot Title: “Get Closer”
Air Date: January 2013

Agency: Berlin Cameron

Production Co.: Logan & Sons
Director: Kristoffer Borgli
DP: Daniel Voldheim

About LOGAN:

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