Aéro Film Welcomes Esteemed Writer-Director David Mamet

David Mamet, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Academy Award-nominated film writer/director, has signed on with Aéro Film for commercial representation. Renowned throughout the industry for such critically acclaimed classics as “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, “Glengarry Glen Ross” and “Hoffa”, and legendary within theater circles, Mamet will add his singular voice and storytelling prowess to the already versatile Aéro team.

“David is a creative force that brings a wealth of talent and experience to our clientele,” says Executive Producer Lance O’Connor. “We’ve admired his career for longer than we can remember and we can’t wait to work with him going forward.”

This creative representation allows him to explore commercial projects reminiscent of his 2007 Ford spots while continuing his film and theater work. “David is incredibly versed in those other formats and we feel that as the line between Hollywood, Broadway, and advertising continues to blur, Aéro has to evolve as well,” explains O’Connor. “We have no doubt that with time and dedication, we can help David grow in the way he wants to grow and create compelling advertising.”

“Filmmaking is The Big Doll House. It is the world’s best fun, the unwritten proviso regarding repayment is: do the best you can,” stated Mamet. “Commercials are particularly intriguing. Whether or not they are art I can’t say; but they certainly are drama.” Mamet joins Aéro Film’s already illustrious and talented pool of directors, including “Girl, Interrupted” and “Walk the Line” director James Mangold, along with a host of producers, cinematographers, VFX specialists, and editors. His upcoming HBO Films biopic “Phil Spector”, starring Al Pacino and Helen Mirren, will debut this March.


About Aéro Film:

Organized to empower, and built to channel world class creative, Aéro Film is infinitely adaptable to an increasingly connected and online world. Founded in 2002 by EPs Lance O’Connor and Skip Short, and Director Klaus Obermeyer, Aéro is one of the world’s leading integrated production companies maintaining a soup-to-nuts production pipeline and A-level directorial talent. From offices on both coasts and via its personal helicopter and plane, Aéro—with its skilled cameramen, cinematographers, and other specialists—is poised to launch into a shoot anywhere on the planet.

Tailored to its clients’ unique creative requirements, Aéro is known for its ambitious, highly creative productions; including commercials, long-form content, web content, events/PR, and high-end post, animation and VFX.

The roster includes Klaus Obermeyer, Ken Arlidge, Austin Smithard, Jason Farrand, Sam O’Hare, James Mangold, Indrani, Yann Secouet, Jacques Steyn and David Mamet.