Wild(child) Leadership Team Expands with Stevens Hire

Flatiron-based, full-service creative editorial boutique Wild(child) charges into 2013 with the signing of Editor Jeff Stevens. Stevens arrives on the heels of a banner year that saw the additions of Executive Producer Amy Lazarus, as well as award-winning Editors Diego Panich and Tom Schachte. “With a major rebrand just around the corner and a growing roster of versatile artists, there’s a lot going on here that speaks to the new face of the company,” noted Stevens. “I’m excited to be at a company that will allow me to contribute both in and out of the edit suite on a multitude of projects.”

“This is the strongest leadership team we’ve ever had,” stated Wild(child) Owner/Editor Yvette Pineyro. “Jeff, Amy and I have known each other for ages. We all think and work in very different but complementary ways, and I know that our collaboration will encourage some remarkable innovations in the year ahead.”

Already a dynamic editor and post-production specialist, Stevens has cut spots for national brands such as Powerade, Wendy’s, Sears, Panasonic, and Volvo, and has worked with esteemed agencies such as BBDO, Grey, Ogilvy, Saatchi, and BBH. Previously, Stevens was a co-founder of the pioneering virtual and digital post-production shop FeedTheWalrus, overseeing traditional and digital projects while earning a reputation as an innovator and risk taker.

“We all know the industry is changing at a rapid pace,” stated Stevens, “and Wild(child) has kept up by quietly expanding over the years. They have great editing, finishing, audio and 2D/3D GFX all under one roof, and I’m excited to help them expand their offerings, find new talent, and shine the spotlight on all that this company has to offer.”

That confident attitude makes Stevens a natural collaborator with recent hire EP Amy Lazarus. Having honed her considerable skills across the industry, first with a ten year stint at Mad River Post, then as a much sought after Freelance Producer at edit houses NO6, Jump, Cut + Run and Lost Planet, Lazarus has become known as a tenacious and capable creative problem solver.

“I feel as though I’ve been initiated into this band of creative outlaws,” explained Lazarus. “Yvette is such an inspiration, running one of the few woman and minority-owned post studios in the business, and Jeff has been contributing amazing ideas on multiple fronts since the moment he got here. I think the next few months will prove to be a wonderful, transformative time for the company.”


About Wild(child):

Wild(child) is a collaborative team that delivers premium post-production to leading advertising agencies and content creators worldwide. From Editorial, Color, and Finishing to Music, Mix, and 2D/3D GFX – we offer a full spectrum of services for television commercials, music videos, shorts, features, online/interactive content, and more. All of our talent operates out of the same Flatiron-based studio, where we have developed a creative infrastructure that allows us to be flexible and efficient in this ever-evolving media landscape.