Poetica Adds Managing Director Rachelle Madden

Poetica – the Soho-based studio that specializes in award-winning live-action and post-production for commercials, music videos, web content and more – has added Managing Director Rachelle Madden to its team. She joins a rich roster of creative and directorial talent, including Director Anthony Furlong, Photographer/Director Brian Cross, CD Steve Tozzi, Sr. VFX Artist Aaron Vasquez, Director of CGI John Clausing, Sr. VFX Artist David Elkins, Flame Artist Amanda Amalfi and two new talent signings to be announced later this month.

A versatile leader equally adept at live-action production and all facets of post-production, Madden has fit in seamlessly at her new home since joining the studio. In the years prior to Poetica, Madden held the MD position at Company X and the EP role at both Trollback + Company and Endless Noise.

“I’ve always loved every part of the production process,” noted Madden, “from the shoot to the edit, VFX, graphics and finish. At Poetica, I’m able to bring every aspect of my experience to the table, while working with some truly inspiring creative talents. This sort of hybrid company is really the perfect fit for me and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the team.”


About Poetica:

We are a new breed of filmmakers and artists. We are storytellers with a full understanding of design and visual effects, who place character, story and emotion first. We are explorers and problem solvers who dive head first into new and unknown territory and we have the resources needed to deliver. Oh yeah, and we have offices in NY and LA with six flame bays, a full design and VFX department and an entire top-tier editorial company at our disposal.