Glamour Taps Phoenix Once Again for New Burberry Campaign

On-the-go ladies would do well to check out Burberry’s Fresh Glow, a dynamic skincare product designed to keep them fresh and photo ready as they skip from shoots to events to meetings. To present this do-it-all product, Glamour called upon its long-time partners at Phoenix, who recently wrapped a web film for Glamour and Sperry Shoes. The concept-to-completion pros at Phoenix handled pre-production, shooting, edit, GRFX, color and more, working with beauty merchandising expert Lana Russo.

Shooting on the Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera, director Colin Elliott used a Phoenix technique recreating the classic light-leak effect of film by slowly removing the lens from the 5D body, creating an energetic pop leading into the shots. “This spot takes the form of a how-to video, but Glamour wanted the visual aesthetic and energy to feel more like something you’d see in a high-end commercial,” explained Elliott. “These in-camera light flashes help give the piece a jolt and create fun transitions from one shot to the next.”

Phoenix’s overall resourcefulness and expertise in all areas of production were invaluable assets for the shoot, which was stylistically set on a sparse photo set.  “Even with talent sometimes possessing minimal on-camera experience, our team is really good at creating compelling content using whatever we have to work with,” stated EP Chris Phoenix. “If someone hands us one and one, we’re going to make sure the client gets back a 10. That’s our goal, every time. Colin and DP Beau Grantland never shy away from a challenge, and their creativity off the cuff never ceases to impress our clients.”




Client: Glamour/Burberry
Spot Tile: “Burberry Beauty”
Date: January 2013

Production/Post-production Co.: Phoenix
EP: Chris Phoenix
Director: Colin Elliott
DP: Beau Grantland
Audio: Engin Kaplan
Editor: Valerie Bischoff
Sr. Art Director: Jeff Man

About Phoenix:

Phoenix is a full-service production, design and branding company. Our seamless integration of technology, talent and creativity allows us to produce relevant, high-caliber projects with a focus on client satisfaction. Our work has garnered an Emmy nomination along with Valencia, Effie, OMMA and CLIO awards.

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