EP*Vision Continues Branded Content Push with Barclays Center Animations

EP*Vision has followed two seasons of spectacular stadium graphics packages for the Washington Nationals with an equally ambitious project for Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center. The series of approximately two dozen branded animations, which run in loops continually on nine screens inside and outside the arena, further establishes the studio’s reputation as a go-to shop in the world of unconventional branded content.

“The unconventional and nontraditional aspect of projects such as Barclays Center and our work with the Washington Nationals pushes EP*Vision’s palette of possibilities,” noted CD Maryam Parwana. “Projects like these showcase the scale of work that we can handle with complete dedication, ease, grace and, most importantly, style.”

EP*Vision Creative Director Maryam Parwana

Using a combination of After Effects and Illustrator, EP*Vision developed the package of cohesive, 2D animations that streamline without compromising each brand’s identity. This posed a considerable challenge given the variety of brands, which included Haier, Starbucks, Honda and Stoli, among others. With only the logo and as many as three colors to create images for each brand, the studio was able to create a package of dynamic animations.

“We wanted the presentation to feel modern, simple and clear without bells and whistles,” explained Parwana. “It wasn’t about how flashy or skillful we could be, but rather creating something that would look good, executed in a timely manner without feeling entirely corporate.”

EP*Vision has worked extensively with unconventional formats, experience that has prepared their crew for the challenge of designing for the enormous Oculus screen on the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, which offers multiple viewing angles. “With giant flashing outdoor screens set on odd angles, there is a huge difference in how you experience the work physically. It’s grand.” Parwana stated.




Client: Barclay’s Center

Animation: EP*Vision

Creative Director: Maryam Parwana
Producer: Matt Schlichter
Designers & Animators: Brian Walsh, Lessa Millet, Joon Lee, Joshua Krause, Felix Thoo, Bryan Coleman

Executive Producers: Sarah Roebuck, David Weinstein 

About EP*Vision

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